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KEMA.INFO is platform to sell disposable materials, hotel packaging goods, disposable items such as paper cups, paperglass, straw etc

Post Covid19, We at KEMA.INFO started supplying Housekeeping and Cleaning material such as Sanitiser Spray, Stand, Phenyle, Acid etc

We also trade into branded goods such as Dettol Antiseptic Liquid, Harpic Toiler Cleaner, Colin Glass Cleaner in discounted rate for our customer.

Having strong market experience of 2+ Years, We also cater into Hotel Packaging materials such as Aluminium Foils, Silver Packaging Bags, Aluminium Packaging Containers, Tissue Papers and Paper bags to transition of Hotel Parcels

We have strong loyal clientale including some big offices and big names in Hotel Catering Industries.

We welcome you on this platform, as give you assurance that you won't be disappointed by our supply service

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